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A Video Of Penguins Hopping Down The Stairs Is Bringing People Joy To People’s Self-Isolation


Who ever thought that penguins would be the ultimate bringers of happiness in a pandemic?

As it turns out, though, that’s exactly what’s happening as various aquariums across the world let their penguins roam free in their guest-free buildings. For example, a Chicago aquarium let their penguins check out the other exhibits after closing to human guests during the coronavirus outbreak, and people can’t get enough!

Now, another aquarium’s penguin video is going viral, even though it’s been a while since it was posted. Claudia Layton first shared the clip at the Two Oceans Aquarium in South Africa at the beginning of the year, and the aquarium then shared it to their own page. It’s no surprise that it’s gained such popularity while people are practicing social distancing by staying at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Penguins are always an instant hit on the internet, but this video in particular is just so cute. Watching the penguins carefully hop down the stairs is making people smile even in a tough time, so hopefully, even more aquariums will start filming their penguins being penguins and share the videos with the world!



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