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A Twitter User Discovered The Origins Of The Triscuit Brand Name & Blew Everyone’s Minds


If you didn’t think someone could take you on wild ride just by asking, “How did this popular cracker get its name?” boy, are you in for a surprise.

Twitter user @sageboggs has done some deep-diving into the origins of the word “Triscuit” (yes, the wheat cracker) and now, his findings are going viral.

Sage began by preparing us for the journey of knowledge we were about to undertake.

He then explained how he became so intent on finding out the origins of the biscuit’s name.


The response left Sage with more questions than answers.

The old-timey adds for the crackers provided a eureka moment.


Have you noticed a theme here? Well, so did Sage.

After Sage’s sleuthing provided him with a mega-popular tweet thread, the official Triscuit account weighed in and confirmed Sage’s findings in what must have been a huge moment of victory for him.

The official Triscuit Twitter account has also changed its bio to reflect its role in the special moment of online brand education.

So there you have it. The next time you’re munching on a box of these snacks, remember that they’re elecTRIcity biSCUITS.

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