We’ve been hearing the advice for months now: disinfect surfaces, wash your hands, and stay away from other people’s germs. Many people have been taking those precautions in their own lives as they deal with the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, but as it turns out, not every hotel has been following the same protocol.

That’s what the producers of the show Inside Edition found out when they visited a number of popular hotel chains in NYC and sprayed their logo on various surfaces — including bed sheets, towels, and pillows — with a washable liquid. The spray was only visible under UV light, so while hotel staff couldn’t see them, the crew would be able to tell right away if the fabric had been washed or replaced. They also smeared some washable gel on surfaces like desks and remote controls.

The results were… disturbing. Even in the middle of the worst viral outbreak we’ve seen in our lifetime, the sheets, pillow cases, and towels still had the logos on them the next day, indicating that they hadn’t been cleaned properly, if at all. And, yeah, those non-porous surfaces in big chain hotels probably aren’t getting cleaned very well either.

Take a look at the video for yourself, and maybe think twice before staying in a hotel until the pandemic is over.


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