Some people just try to go out of their way to be cruel to others for no reason. One young woman named Thea Chippendale got an unpleasant reminder of this when she matched with a guy on Tinder who proceeded to immediately insult her based on a photo on her profile featuring her wearing an ASOS dress.

The man, identified only as “George,” chose to open up his communication with Thea by unleashing his rude, unsolicited “opinions” about her.

For the record, this is Thea in the dress. She looks gorgeous. What’s that dude’s problem?


Thea’s Twitter followers gave this dud of a dude the proper roasting he deserved, but then, ASOS (who sold the dress in the photo) took things to the next level.

What exactly did the brand have in mind? Well, they featured Thea’s gorgeous photo on their own website as part of an ad for the dress!

The brand didn’t stop there, though — they also brought Thea out to their headquarters to check it out and get a professional photoshoot done with her!

She looked just as stunning as she did in the photo that started this whole saga.


The fateful message was sent to Thea over a year ago, but her story has picked up again after she re-shared her original tweet. Even though we know she would’ve moved on with her head held high after that ridiculous message from that weird guy, we still can’t believe just how happy this ending turned out to be!


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