Learning to drive can be an awkward time for teenagers as they get used to handling a vehicle. It’s no surprise when teens accidentally run over the curb, run over the lawn while backing out of the driveway, or get into a fender bender as they learn how to manage a car. And of course, poor road conditions caused by ice, snow, or rain can make this experience even more difficult.

One young teen found this out the hard way when he accidentally hit a woman’s mailbox while driving. He could’ve easily driven away without a word, but instead, he chose to do the right thing. In a Facebook post, the owner of the mailbox, Crystal Collins, detailed what transpired after the teen’s accident:


“Does anybody know this kid? I believe he is 16yo, possibly drives a truck, might live in or around The Ridge neighborhood…
He accidentally hit my mailbox and came to the door and owned up to it. He offered me every dollar his in pocket and was extremely grateful when I told him to keep his money. Then 3 days later came back with a plate of cookies and apologized again.
I’m looking for his parents – they should know what an outstanding young man they have raised!
*update: our families have connected, will be on the news*

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What started out as an embarrassing and troublesome incident turned into a sweet moment of respect and forgiveness as both the teen and Collins decided to do the right thing in the aftermath.

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People like to complain that “kids these days” lack respect or responsibility, but this teenager proves that the stereotype doesn’t apply to everyone!

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