The Mia Foundation has a mission to help animals born with birth defects, but last year, founder Sue Rogers got an unexpected new arrival — an abandoned mourning dove chick found by a construction crew. Sue didn’t think she’d have the dove, whom she named Lovey, for very long. She figured that once the little bird learned how to take care of herself, she’d fly free and never look back. But even after she was set free, Lovey kept coming back to the porch. When winter came around, Sue let the bird into the house, though Lovey was able to come and go as she pleased. But the dove never paid much mind to Sue’s other animal guests until one very special Chihuahua puppy came along.

In an interview with The Dodo, Sue said that Alfie was the size of a newborn puppy at eight weeks old. He also has a cleft palate, hydrocephalus, and a heart condition. Though Alfie is doing much better thanks to Sue and her endless dedication, he’s so tiny that he can’t safely play with other dogs. But that’s where Lovey comes in.

It was Lovey, of all the animals, who soon formed a friendship with Alfie. Maybe it’s because of his itty bitty size, but the dove seemed to feel a kinship with the puppy. It was even more surprising because she didn’t interact that way with any of the other dogs that Sue has at the moment.

In fact, Lovey even enjoys piggyback rides on Alfie! He doesn’t seem to mind at all. It’s just a part of their unique and special friendship. We may not be able to understand it as humans, but we’re happy these two lovely pals have found each other!

There’s no telling how long Lovey will stay with Sue and Alfie, as she’ll hopefully one day return to the wild to live her best dove life. But for now, these two tiny friends can enjoy their time together!


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