Dogs are some of the most compassionate animals in the world, and they tend to do their best to make sure that we humans have a smile on our faces. They lick away our tears and snuggle up to us when we’re sad, and sometimes, they even try to help us when we’re hurt or sick!

One stray dog in Turkey demonstrated his own canine-to-human kindness during a street performance. Actor Numan Ertuğrul Uzunsoy pretended to be hurt for his role, lying down on the ground after “falling off a horse.” The audience watched as Numan pretended to struggle for breath, his costars easing him to the ground. Then, out of the crowd came an unexpected concerned citizen: a dog.

The stray pup came to comfort the actor, believing him to be in real pain. The actor couldn’t help but break character, smiling as he felt the dog’s kisses on his face.

Take a look at the sweet moment below:

The dog was eventually led away by another crew member, but Numan hopes to find the sweet canine and find someone who can adopt him. The dog apparently frequents the spot where he appeared, so hopefully, he can find his own human to dote after all day long!


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