Pets are perceptive, and they seem to know when we need a nuzzle or just a friendly lick. And that’s just what one sweet Rottweiler named Nato did when he saw a man at the park who seemed to be missing something.

Nato and his human, Dan McPierson, were at the park when an another man arrived and sat on a bench. Nato lay down in front of the man and looked at him with such friendly intensity that Dan knew exactly what he wanted. He gave him permission to approach the man, and this is what happened next:


They looked at each other so long and smiled so I asked…

♬ originalljud – Nato McPierson

The connection between the man and Nato was apparent, and being able to pet this sweet pup seemed to be exactly what the older man needed.

Dan told The Dodo that after the video, the man told him that his own dog had recently passed away. After a moment, Dan remembered that he’d seen the man and the dog together at the park before.

Dan told The Dodo that Nato frequently bonds with strangers, but even so, this moment turned out to be particularly meaningful not only to the man on the bench, but also to Nato and Dan. It’s amazing how seemingly small moments can have such a powerful impact on people… and animals.


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