Therapy animals aren’t just for humans. Animals who are suffering from loneliness or loss can also benefit from the companionship of a critter from another species, and that’s exactly how a friendship between Peaches the goat and Bunter the cow formed, according to a story from Newshub.

Bunter, who’s a pet at the Maungaturoto Hotel in New Zealand, was feeling noticeably down after her cow friend, Rosie, sadly passed away. The hotel’s caretaker, Joe Robin, went in search of a goat to keep Bunter company, and a woman gifted him Peaches. Once the two four-legged friends had been introduced, Bunter immediately perked up, running around the paddock and resuming eating like normal.

But then, disaster struck — in December, Peaches disappeared, and although Robin feared the worst (that Peaches had become someone’s dinner), there was still hope that the goat was still alive at someone else’s farm. As it turned out, that was exactly the case. Peaches was spotted in someone else’s paddock, standing out from the other goats thanks to her bright white coat and the fact that she stood distant from the others. The local police did some investigating, using CCTV footage and talking to a number of people to determine if Peaches had been stolen and, if so, who’d done it. They eventually confirmed that the goat was Peaches, and the goat was sent home to be with her best friend once again.

With Peaches now safe at home, local police have said that no further action will be taken on the case — a decision that Peaches’ owner approves of. They also brought out the cow puns in full force, saying, “Bunter the cow, upset at the intrusion, is also understood to hold no beef.”

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