All eyes were on the final runners at a 4×200 relay race at the Grizzly Invitational in Utah last week… until an unexpected racer delivered a shocking upset.

High school senior Gracie Laney was rounding the corner in the last stretch of the race when from the crowd came a furry flash. A small dog had made its way onto the track and was blazing full speed ahead, surpassing all of the trailing runners and eventually Gracie herself as she stepped over the finish line.

The enthusiastic (and speedy) pup captured the crowd’s attention and hearts, and it’s hard to tell if the spectators were cheering louder for the runners or for the four-legged friend!

According to The Dodo, the dog was eventually taken off the track, presumably to the owner it had escaped from. The quick pooch may have been a mischief-maker, but this is certainly a race no one in attendance will soon forget.

You can watch the funny moment below:


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