No one wants to work on Christmas, but some shops choose to stay open for people who need gas, food, or other necessities regardless of what day of the year it is.

Rockstar Pizza in Indiana was among the restaurants open on December 25 this past year, and that day, employees could volunteer to work. For the workers who did decide to come, the reward turned out to be worth their while. The owners of the shop continued their tradition of giving the Christmas workers all of the profits made from the day’s orders.

By now, the local community is aware of Rockstar’s annual tradition, and every year, hungry customers order pizza on Christmas so that employees can take home some extra cash for the end of the year. This year, though, the pizzeria experienced a record number of sales in just a few short hours.

Colby Matthews, who co-owns the shop with her husband Ron, told Today that the day is designed with the employees in mind. The workers pick their own hours that day (which, in 2019, were from 4-9 pm), but the phones started ringing at 3 pm, and by 6:30, the staff had so many orders to make that they had to cut off additional customers. Colby told Today that ultimately, each of the seven workers took home over $700 — far more than the husband and wife team could have been able to provide through bonuses. The Matthews “donated” the cost of the pizza ingredients, so whatever the shop made that day was distributed amongst the employees

Rather than forcing employees to work on Christmas, Rockstar chose to make the holiday an opportunity to give back to the people who have made their business so successful.

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