Most of us aren’t millionaires, so when we experience a setback like a destroyed or stolen car that we rely on for work, the effects can be devastating.

This was the situation that pizza delivery driver Rayden Jones found himself in when he returned to where his car should’ve been after delivering an order to Port Huron high school in Michigan, according to ClickOnDetroit. Jones said he was only away from his vehicle for about two minutes, but that was all it took for a thief to take off with his car.

Meanwhile, Kevin Lindke was driving home and saw a driver maneuvering erratically in front of him. He called 911 and kept them updated as the woman (who police say has a history of mental health problems) drove the wrong way onto the freeway, sideswiped another vehicle, then exited the damaged car and took off running. Lindke chased her down and convinced her to stick around until the police arrived and were able to handle the situation.

Later on, Lindke learned that the stolen car had belonged to a driver who worked for Happy’s Pizza. Lindke called the shop, and after the manager told Lindke about Jones and what a great worker he was, Lindke felt the need to do something kind for the delivery driver.

Jones as certainly not expecting what that kind deed would be, though — Lindke had decided that instead of selling his minivan, as he’d originally planned to do, he’d simply give it to Jones. Lindke told ClickOnDetroit that he understood “having to take some hits and work through it.” Jones was shocked and extremely moved by the kind gesture, and now, his bad luck has turned good again thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger.

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