Email and texts may be faster ways to communicate, but it’s still pretty impressive just how quickly we can deliver “snail mail” from one part of the country (or the world) to the other.

At least, that’s usually the case.

One woman in Michigan discovered just how long the traditional mail system can take when she received a postcard that had been written and sent almost exactly 100 years ago.

Earlier this month, Brittany Keech of Belding, Michigan received a postcard that had been sent on October 29, 2020. Of course, she was not the intended recipient. Roy McQueen was supposed to have received the postcard, but because it’s unlikely that Roy is still around, Brittany’s been trying to find his family instead.

The postcard is full of vintage charm, including a historic George Washington stamp and a Halloween theme that feels perfect for welcoming fall.

Image Source: Brittany Keech via Bored Panda

Here’s what the message said:

Dear Cousins,

Hope this will find you all well. We are quite well but mother has awful lame knees. It is awful cold here. I just finished my history lesson and am going to bed pretty soon. My father is shaving and my mother is telling me your address. I will have to close for a night. Hope grandma and grandpa are well. Don’t forget to write us – Roy get his pants fixed yet.

Brittany has been contacted by a number of news outlets to share the story and try to find the rightful recipients for the special postcard. An interview with the New York Times may have led to a family member of Roy’s being identified, so hopefully, this very belated postcard can soon be where it belongs… kind of.


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