There’s a lot of tension in the world right now, but one story out of Uniontown, PA is helping people remember that there’s still good on our planet Earth.

Daylan McLee has had a few negative experiences with police before and has filed a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the PA State Police stemming from an incident in which he disarmed a gunman, but spent a year in jail after being accused of pointing a gun at officers. He was later acquitted after video footage showed what had really happened.

While no one would blame McLee for wanting to avoid interactions with police altogether after wrongfully losing a year of his life in jail, that didn’t stop him from pulling officer Jay Hanley out of a crashed police vehicle on Father’s Day this year. Hanley was responding to a call and assisting other officers when he was involved in a serious crash at an intersection. McLee heard the commotion and rushed over, hurrying into danger to pull Hanley out of his car before it caught fire.

The news has spread far and wide, with many people calling McLee a hero for his actions. Hanley was hospitalized with injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery. Had McLee not followed his heart and intervened, there’s no telling what may have happened instead.

Check out the video below to hear more about what this hero had to say about the experience:


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