Freezing temperatures in Alberta, Canada can leave animals stranded or stuck in the snow, but no one expects to find three innocent, helpless kittens out in the frigid temperatures.

That’s exactly what an oil worker named Kendall Diwisch found, though, when he was out on the job near an oil well last week. The kittens had likely been abandoned, and they were stuck to the ice by their tails when Diwisch found them. He tried to pull them free, but to no avail. Things weren’t looking good for these poor babies.

Then, Diwisch had a great idea. He went back to his truck and retrieved his coffee, which was still warm, and poured it over the ice that was holding the kittens’ tails. The coffee thawed the ice just enough to allow Diwisch to pull the kittens free, saving their lives. If he hadn’t found them, they would have died out there in the cold.

Thanks to Diwisch’s efforts, the kittens survived and were all later adopted into the same home. What a happy ending!

Check out the amazing moment on this video from the Weather Channel:


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