It’s a story that sounds like it came straight out of a Disney movie, but sometimes, real life is even more amazing than fiction.

A man named Justin was on a rafting trip down the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan Rivers in Canada when he heard what sounded like dogs fighting coming from the shore. After pulling over to the shore and not finding the source of the noise, he returned to his raft to do some fishing. That’s when his trip took a turn for the wild.

According to a story shared by Wildlife Rehab Society of Sask, Justin heard something squeaking in the water and saw an animal, though he wasn’t sure what it could be. Even so, he took the risk and reached out to try to help it (and even fell into the freezing cold water in the process), and when he caught up with his raft, he was carrying a wild coyote pup.

Image Source: Wildlife Rehab Society of Sask/Justin

The little pup was unconscious and not breathing by the time Justin brought it to the surface. For any other animal, this would’ve been the end, but this lucky canine was saved by Justin’s knowledge of CPR. After a few pushes from a modified Heimlich maneuver, water came gushing out of the pup’s nose. Just like that, this little ball of fluff was breathing and given a second chance at life.

Image Source: Wildlife Rehab Society of Sask/ Justin

Thus began a ten-day adventure on the raft with the unlikely pair. Justin had limited service and couldn’t call anyone to even ask for advice for what he should do with the pup, who he named YipYip. So instead, he took care of his little wild pet. They ate together, and YipYip snuggled right into Justin’s jacket and backpack when it came time to sleep.

Image Source: Wildlife Rehab Society of Sask/Justin

Once Justin was able to get service, he called his wife, and the two reached out to different organizations before the Swift Current SPCA put them in touch with the Wildlife Rehab Society of Sask. YipYip is now in the care of the organization, who will be raising him until he’s old enough to return to the wild.

Image Source: Wildlife Rehab Society of Sask/Justin

YipYip sure is lucky to have been found by Justin, but we also think that Justin is pretty lucky to be able to come home from his trip with such an amazing story! Now, little YipYip gets to grow up thanks to the kindness of a human being.


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