Most of us would do just about anything for our pets, and David MacNeil is no different. David is the founder and CEO of the company WeatherTech, which makes car accessories, and when his golden retriever, Scout, was diagnosed with cancer, David knew he had to do everything he could to save his best friend’s life.

The prognosis wasn’t good. Scout had just a 1 percent chance of survival, and no one would’ve blamed David for helping his dog across the rainbow bridge instead of moving forward with treatment. Instead, he went through with chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine. The risk paid off — Scout’s tumor is almost gone, and the hard-working veterinary staff are still helping him on the road to recovery.

David was so grateful to the UW veterinary team that he used his wealth to give them the best advertising possible: a spot on the Superbowl ad lineup. He paid for the ad and the $6 million it would take to get it placed among the other Superbowl ads this year. The 30-second ad features Scout himself and is appropriately named “Lucky Dog.” Hopefully, his act of gratitude will help this veterinary team get even more clients!


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