A “dog dad” is a hero to one of his furry children after jumping into a frozen pool to save her life.

Dan Holmes, who lives in Texas, was outside with his dogs by the pool, which had developed an icy layer thanks to the alarmingly low temperatures occurring in the state. One of his dogs, Christi, wandered onto the frozen pool, and while it supported her at first, she soon wandered too far and stepped on a part that was too thin to support her. Christi plunged into the freezing cold water and slid helplessly on the ice as she tried to climb out. Thankfully, though, Dan was there to save the day.

Dan didn’t seem to think twice about the cold or the danger, and he decided to leap into the pool to save Christi. The icy water was no match for his determination, and he wasted no time in snatching his dog and pulling her to the edge so she could get out.

Thankfully, both Christi and Dan got out of the pool safe and sound, and the house’s security camera caught the big moment on tape. You can watch Dan’s heroic endeavor below:


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