Uh, maybe they were just trying to give him “butterflies in his stomach”?

Ok, so maybe this isn’t such a traditional love story, but it certainly is a cute one… even if it had some strange, even icky beginnings.

Presenter and Twitter user Sam Darlaston got some unexpected dinner guests when he purchased broccoli from the Tesco supermarket and found a green caterpillar climbing up the vegetable. Rather than rinsing his new friend down the drain, though, Sam decided to keep the little bugger as a temporary pet, lovingly naming him Cedric.

Though Sam alerted the supermarket chain about the presence of this unexpected, but not entirely unwanted guest, he still needed some broccoli. So he went back and bought some more, only to find that Cedric wasn’t alone.

Sam wasn’t simply the sole lucky recipient of an adopted family of caterpillars. When his roommate went to cook some broccoli of his own, their little green family went up to seven.

Soon, the caterpillars began evolving, both in their life cycles and their personal relationships.

More of the caterpillars began to enter adolescence, and, like typical teens, began trying to assert their dominance over their parents.

Tesco eventually decided to send Sam a gift card for his caterpillar-filled broccoli, but the amount (about $1.37 USD) wasn’t exactly enough to cover child support.

The challenges of raising an unexpected family began to take their toll.

The caterpillars (all named, by the way) continued to grow up, and Sam wasn’t ready for the heartbreak of seeing his children get ready to leave the nest.

Brothers Broc and Olly weren’t completely in sync, but Sam managed to get some cute family photos of them while Broc was still a baby.

The first caterpillar to arrive was also the first to reach adulthood. They grow up so fast!

Soon, it was time for these broccoli babies to spread their wings and fly. Sam released them into the wild to live out the rest of their lives surrounded by nature instead of broccoli stalks and plastic wrap.

Thankfully, he got plenty of photos with his kids before they took off.

Broc and Olly finally emerged from their chrysalises, and BBC Radio phoned in so that their release into nature could be captured on air!

This pure story has brightened the days of thousands of people since Sam shared it on Twitter. Hopefully, more people will take such a kind approach to any unexpected new friends they find in their produce!


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