We all know that mothers will do anything to take care of their babies, but one mother dog risked her own life against the elements to protect all six of her new puppies.

A dog later named Snowbelle was found in Minnesota curled up around her six young puppies, defending them from the freezing cold.

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The dogs had melted the snow surrounding them, with Snowbelle desperate to keep her puppies alive even if it meant staying in the snow herself.

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Thankfully, a concerned community member found the dogs in time and alerted Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, which saved the pups.

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Miraculously, Snowbelle and all six of the young puppies survived!

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Now, all the dogs have found loving homes and are doing just fine. Thanks to the efforts of Snowbelle and Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, these dogs will all go on to live happy, healthy lives!


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