Anyone who’s ever had their pet go missing can tell you that the experience is heartbreaking and terrifying. But for one cat owner, at least, the outcome seems to have turned out just fine… and honestly, it’s a bit hilarious.

An unknown Instagram user shared this photo of a cat smugly sitting inside a house. And on the window, right next to the cat, is a “missing cat” poster featuring none other than that very cat!

Image Source: unknown

The mystery of why the poster is “coincidentally” on the same window where the cat is sitting is still unsolved. Was it a prank designed to go viral on the internet? Was it someone who had spotted the cat sitting inside who wanted to be funny? Or was it a genuine coincidence? Or maybe the cat planned it all along just to remind us humans that our feline friends are always one step ahead!

In any case, it looks like this kitty is doing just fine and is hopefully back in its rightful home.

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