The winter months are tough for humans, but even worse for animals left outside in the cold. Countless strays are forced to fend for themselves in the freezing weather, many struggling to find shelter from the snow and freezing rain.

A tiny gray kitten was among those poor chilly animals this year, but luckily, an eagle-eyed rescuer spotted him on her way to answer another call.

The agent from Michigan Humane was named Tiffany, and she first noticed the gray kitten as he huddled up near the median on a freeway filled with slush and snow. The kitten had found an orange plastic bag, which thankfully provided some extra visibility to help Tiffany see him.

Tiffany pulled over and scooped up the kitty cat, who immediately was grateful for the safety and warmth.

After he was taken in, the kitten was named Lodge and was discovered to be about four months old. “He can be a bit feisty and we recommend him going to a home with older children,” Michigan Humane recommended.

The application deadline for this kitty cat has come and gone, and it looks like there have been plenty of interested adopters hoping to take Lodge home and love him to pieces!

Lodge’s life could’ve turned out very differently if one kind-hearted human hadn’t stopped to scoop him up from his place on the side of the road. Now he’s off to find his forever home!


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