For all the negativity on the internet, there are occasionally some truly amazing interactions that also happen from behind our screens. The internet also puts us in closer contact with our favorite celebrities as we view their selfies on Instagram and tweet at them on Twitter. Believe it or not, a lot of A-list stars are also on Reddit, and one fan got the interaction of a lifetime with one of his favorite actors on the site.

About a month ago, Redditor u/RadonLab carved an amazing Terminator pipe in honor of Arnold’s birthday and shared a photo of it in the subreddit r/damnthatsinteresting, hoping simply to share something he was proud of and maybe get a few internet points (or, on Reddit, “karma”) in the process. The detail and craftsmanship was incredible, and the pipe definitely deserved all the praise it got.

Image Source: u/RadonLab via Reddit

But then, a special Redditor noticed the post.

Yes, that’s really Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, on Reddit and asking if he could purchase the pipe. RadonLab declined and said he would just give Arnold the pipe, but Arnold insisted on giving him something in return. So he instead offered a digitally signed photo of him using the pipe once he received it.

And yes, he delivered on that promise!

Image Source: u/radonlab via Reddit

Unfortunately, not everyone believed that the wholesome interaction was real. A Reddit user who has since deleted their account thought that the photo was fake, but Arnold was swift to politely call them out and confirm that the photo and autograph were real:

Image Source: u/beerbellybegone via Reddit

But Arnold still wasn’t done. When a different Reddit user chimed in to applaud the actor for his response, Arnold replied with kindness and a bit of wisdom we could all learn from:

We’d all do good to follow Arnold’s social media rule, don’t you think?


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