When you go boating with your family on the lake, you expect to see some wildlife — maybe some fish, frogs, or birds. Seeing a bear would be a real treat, but getting up close to one? Well, most people wouldn’t dare.

One family from Wisconsin felt like they had no choice, though, when they saw a large, furry animal swimming around with a large plastic container on its head. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Hurt family was fishing on the lake when they noticed something in the water, initially believing it to be a dog or a rock. But as they got closer, Tricia Hurt realized that it was a bear with its head stuck in a cheese ball container.

Even though bears have a reputation for being fearsome predators, the Hurt family knew they had to help. They tried following the animal with their boat, getting close enough to pull off the bucket, but staying far enough away to keep themselves safe so the panicked bear didn’t climb into the boat with them. It took some strategic maneuvering and a few turnarounds, but finally, they were able to pop the container off the relieved bear’s head. No longer in immediate danger of suffocating, drowning, or starving, the lucky furball swam to shore, safe and sound.

You can watch the heart-pounding encounter for yourself below:


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