A Drone Flew Through A Bowling Alley & Captured A Hypnotizing Cinematic Masterpiece


The popularity of drones in recent years has given us some incredible aerial footage that was previously only possible for if you had access to a helicopter or airplane. But these incredible drone videos don’t only take place outside, and one video taken inside a bowling alley is making people’s jaws drop.

A short film called “Right Up Our Alley”, created by Jay Byrd Films, has created a huge stir on the internet over the past few days. The clip, filmed with a drone, provides an intimate look inside Bryant Lake Bowl and Theatre with a vibe that is all at once nostalgic, haunting, and exciting.

The drone starts outside before whooshing through the alley’s open door, circling around a few bowlers a couple of times before zooming behind the pins to give a behind-the-scenes look at what happens after the ball disappears. It then comes back out into the public space, giving us a brief glimpse of interactions between the bowling patrons and catching a few snippets of conversation before heading into the alley bar and theater. Finally, the drone comes back out for one more appearance, following a ball down its lane and crashing into a set of pins.

The clip has since gone viral and even caught the attention of notable Hollywood directors. But the drone’s operator Jay Christensen didn’t do it for fame and fortune — he just wanted to give some well-deserved attention to a local Minnesota business affected by the pandemic. Thanks to his skill and attention to detail, it looks like he’s achieved his goal.

You can check out the incredible clip below:


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