It’s a sight that would horrify any pet owner: Gody, a two-month-old corgi puppy, was lying on the kitchen floor on his back. Covering his entire belly and the floor around him was an excess of bright red liquid. It looked like the poor pup had either suffered a terrible accident or was brutally attacked. Thankfully, though, the truth is a lot funnier than that.

For perspective, this is the scene that Gody’s owner saw:

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No worries, though — Gody love fruit, and his human decided he could try dragonfruit. Gody liked it, but clearly decided to be a messy eater.

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Just look at that adorable face!

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The position isn’t an unfamiliar one for Gody or his human. This cute pup loves to sleep on his back.

And that adorable tongue is out all the time, too.

People around the internet are getting a huge laugh out of Gody’s antics (after they recover from the initial shock of that first photo).

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