A company in Swindon, England, is making waves for its choice to reward non-smoking employees with extra time off.

The BBC reports that KCJ Employment and Training Solutions is implementing a policy that allows smokers to take their smoke breaks while giving non-smoking employees the same amount of time off in bigger chunks.

The company’s managing director, Don Bryden, is a smoker himself, but has done the math and found it only fair that employees who worked while other employees took smoke breaks got some time off for themselves. “If you say it’s three ten-minute smoke breaks a day, that equates to 16 and a quarter days a year based on an eight-hour working day. Let’s cut it by a third and say you only take one ten-minute smoking break a day — that adds up to just over five days,” he told the BBC.

Bryden doesn’t wish to penalize smokers, and both smoking and non-smoking employees have embraced his efforts to implement the measure. He also says that if an employee goes a month without taking smoke breaks, he’ll give them another day off to make up for that time; three months without smoking on the clock will give them five days off.

The initiative helps push for fairness in the workplace, but it may also encourage employees to quit their cigarette habit, or at least cut down on it. After all, an extra day of vacation may very well be worth a mere month of not smoking at work, and that month off may help an employee break their habit entirely!

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