One of the most unexpected (but adorable) trends we’ve seen during the coronavirus pandemic is aquarium and zoo staff allowing animals like penguins to visit other exhibits, allowing them to see other creatures they would have never otherwise laid eyes on in the wild.

Now, some adorable residents of the Atlanta Humane Society have taken a mini-vacation of their own to the Georgia Aquarium. First, the AHS took some of their puppies to check out some of the aquarium’s underwater guests.

But of course, puppies can’t have all the fun. So a week later, the shelter decided to bring some of their kittens as well.

Image Source: Atlanta Humane Society via Facebook

The kittens are all siblings, and they all have names inspired by the movie Finding Nemo: Dory, Nemo, Marlin, Bubbles, and Guppy. Just like the puppies, the kittens had a blast seeing all the underwater scenes. Swimming fish certainly aren’t the kind they’re used to seeing!

The visit was great not only for the kittens’ enrichment, but also for publicity for both the aquarium and the shelter. With many people looking to foster or adopt pets to help with isolation blues, these videos could help lots of deserving pets find new, loving homes.

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