Thrift shops are filled with interesting finds — decor of days past, oversized tourist t-shirts brought back from beach vacations, and of course, lots and lots of animal print everything. But one thrift shop in Belgium called Opnieuw & Co received an item that made jaws drop.

The object in question was a photo album that contained pictures of a “random” woman posing next to a whole bunch of ultra-famous celebrities. Best of all, the photographs were all from decades past, so looking at all the stars was like taking a glimpse at Hollywood through a time machine.

The shop posted the photos on social media and enlisted the public’s help in discovering the woman’s identity, hoping to get in contact with her in case the album was given by mistake. They eventually learned that she was named Maria Snoeys-Lagler, and her celebrity interactions were hardly coincidental — she was once a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPC), which is a nonprofit organization of journalists and photographers who cover celebrities and the entertainment industry.

These photos are even more valuable considering the fact that they were taken during the film era rather than our current time when everything is uploaded online. The shop is still looking for Maria or someone who knows her in hopes that they could return the photos, so make sure you contact them if you know anyone involved!

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Photo: BoredPanda
Photo: BoredPanda

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