There is nothing scarier than finding a baby Australian ringtail possum on the back of your pet. This is what happened to sally Watkinson, who revealed the incident on her Facebook page. She shared pictures of the cute and adorable baby possum clinging on one of her puli pet, Kato. She could not hide her amusement to the whole scenario by saying that this was the second time it was happening. However, she revealed that the first little marsupial they had found was a female while the second one was male.

UPDATE!!! It happened again!!! so bizarre. Today I went to Jon's house to pick to find Kato again with another baby…

Posted by Sally Watkinson on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The fact that neither of her dogs noticed the baby possums even makes the scenario a little hilarious. The dogs were taken to a vet while her partner, John, spent the better part of the afternoon looking for a wildlife rescue orphanage for the possums. The little possums were later transported to the animal rescue Centre.

Photo/Facebook: Sally Watkinson


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