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A 6-Year-Old Helped A Builder With A Patio & Got An Adorable Lesson In Working Hard For Your Money


Many kids learn the value of money when they get their first job as teens. One little boy, though, learned this lesson at an even younger age.

Steph Kemp was getting her patio done, but her six-year-old son Harry felt like the worker could use some help. So while the patio was getting built, little Harry was right there, lending a hand wherever he could.

The patio is now finished (and looks great!), and the worker who got it done wanted to thank Harry for a job well done.

Image Source: Steph Kemp via Twitter

The worker paid little Harry for his assistance (a total of about $13 USD) and the pleasure of his company. He also handed him an itemized list of what he was paying him for, and we think you’ll agree that it’s absolutely adorable:


Hopefully Harry remembers this not only as a wholesome interaction with a hard-working grownup, but also a lesson in how rewarding it can be to work hard for your money!



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