Imagine what a ten-year-old could do with $900. That’s enough for a ton of toys or video games, after all. But when Foster Dudley of Alabama found an envelope with $900 in it while he and his mother were shopping at Target a couple of weeks ago, he seemed to know right away that it wasn’t right for him to keep it.

According to News Channel 6, Foster asked his mom, Parisa, what he should do with the cash he’d found. The envelope contained a bank receipt that revealed that the money comprised the majority of its owner’s total funds, and it would definitely be missed. Parisa asked her son how he’d feel if he’d lost that much money, and the boy was instantly determined to make sure the money got back to the person who’d lost it.

The two contacted the Target manager and the Hoover police to try to find the owners as soon as possible, and it didn’t take long for them to contact Verdina Ball, who originally misplaced the envelope. Ball and the Dudleys met face to face in Target so that Foster could return her money personally. The two exchanged hugs and took photos, and Target gifted Foster a $100 for his good integrity!

A situation that could’ve been devastating for Ball turned out to work well in everyone’s favor. It feels good to know that young men like Foster are being raised to make selfless and kind decisions!

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