Nine-year-old Jordan has been in foster care since he was three years old. The young boy entered the system with his brother, Braison, in Oklahoma, and though Braison has since been adopted, Jordan is still hoping to find a family.

Jordan currently lives in a group home and doesn’t get to see his brother that much anymore. But he’s hoping to have the same kind of luck by getting adopted by any type of family unit — two parents, single parents, he’s not picky!

Now, though, Jordan’s luck may be turning around. After a local news station interviewed him, his story went viral, and thousands of adoption applications have come in from people hoping to make this special kid a part of their family.

The adoption agency is currently reading through over 5,000 (yes, you read that right!) applications and hopes to match Jordan with the perfect family. Fingers crossed that his dreams of being adopted will soon come true!


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