Kids have had a tough time this past year, with in-person classes being canceled in favor of distance learning and many major childhood milestones being postponed or eliminated altogether. It’s taken a toll on our children, and the evidence of that is perfectly illustrated in the morose poem of a seven-year-old.

A woman named Julia is a babysitter who shared the school assignment of one of her little friends on Twitter, and it’s quickly captured the attention of the web. The poem is a perfect combination of funny and depressing, encapsulating the feel of distance learning in the pandemic perfectly from the eyes of a child.

Image Source: @bugtypepokemon via Twitter

Boring online school
Today is just another day
in a long line of days
staring at a dumb screen
Just booring booring
online school that’s the
only thing that did happen
it’s the only thing that is
happening that’s the only
thing that will happen

The poem is, yes, slightly concerning upon the first read, but don’t worry — Julia has assured her followers that the little guy is just fine and simply has a wry sense of humor.

“lol a lot of you seem very worried about him. I promise he’s healthy and very loved and this is a rough time for everyone. we’re both having lots of fun reading all your little takes on his poem”

lol it’s an assignment for class he wrote and read out loud to be snarky. he has a breadth of hobbies and interests and is a brilliant, deliberate, and prolific writer. I am his fun, cool babysitter not his mother. he co-signed the tweet

Hopefully, this talented kid will be writing some happier poems by this time next year!


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