Kids say the darndest things, as they say, and one little boy named Isaiah is living proof of that. Isaiah, six, was talking during class, and his teacher disciplined him for the misbehavior. In retaliation, Isaiah wrote her a letter that is all at once hilarious and, yes, a bit terrifying. The woman who shared the letter with the internet, Jaquya Bradford, is a coworker of Isaiah’s mother, and she said that the little boy’s mother was ultimately called in for a parent-teacher conference because of the letter’s contents!

In case you’re having trouble reading the six-year-old’s writing, the letter bluntly states:

“Dear Ms. Jones I am angry of you Because you took 25 of my humm-ing bird Bucks all because I was talking to Conner that’s no big deal im only 6 I cant be quet all the time and that makes you a theif and crook a toy are going to Hell real Hell the burning 1 because you a theif. I worked hard for those bucks and my Only prayer in chaple today was that god gets you to hell fast super fast and your new hair cut is Bad real bad

I mean, YIKES. I would probably run away forever if anyone sent me a letter like that! Luckily, the note is being appropriately dealt with… but Isaiah may have a future as a lawyer ahead of him!

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