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5-Year-Old Raises $150 & Writes Persuasive Letter To Convince Parents To Change Her Name


Many kids, at some point in their childhood, decide that they want to change their name. For many children, this is just a phase — they want to be named after a character in their favorite TV show or movie, or maybe they feel jealous of a friend’s name.

One little girl named Charlie, however, is very serious about wanting a different name, and she went through all the hoops to prove to her parents that she deserves to make such a change.

Charlie’s mother, Bri, took to TikTok to explain her daughter’s predicament. “Charlie” was never a nickname, and the five-year-old had never been called anything else by her parents. But this persuasive little girl was adamant that she instead wanted to be called “Charlotte.” And she wouldn’t resort to begging, instead looking up all the legal requirements necessary to officially change her name.

Once Charlie knew it would take $200 to legally change her name, she got to work. She made bracelets to sell at school, and though her mom didn’t think she’d come home with more than a few dollars, Charlie “hustled” enough to make a whopping $150 from her hard work. She then wrote a persuasive letter to her parents to try to make them see her side of things.


Do we change her name from Charlie to Charlotte?! #greenscreen #women #boss #Coming2America#fyp #vote

♬ original sound – Bri 🖤

In her third video on the subject, Bri (with Charlie’s permission) shared her daughter’s letter:

“Dear mommy and daddy, I like it better than Charlie, Charlotte is a girl name and it’s the prettiest name ever. I don’t like Charlie, Charlotte is my passion. Love, Charlie.”

Charlie had also attached an “opinion piece” about why she wanted to change her name.

“Charlotte is a better name than Charlie, Charlotte makes me feel strong, Charlotte makes me feel independent, Charlotte makes me feel pretty, Charlotte makes me feel creative and Charlotte makes me feel loved.

While Bri is now on board with Charlie’s wishes, Charlie’s dad still needs some convincing, so the clever little girl made her plea to him as well:

“To dad, I know you don’t want me to change my name, but can we change my name for me please.”


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♬ original sound – Bri 🖤

What do you think? Should Charlie be allowed to officially become “Charlotte”? Let us know in the comments!



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