“Baby Yoda” — a.k.a. The Child from the Disney series The Mandalorian — has become an worldwide sensation. The Child has won over countless people with his adorable (and gigantic) eyes and ears, giving us a glimpse into what actual Yoda may have looked like as an infant.

Now, Baby Yoda is helping to bring a smile to firefighters as they battle terrifying blazes on the West Coast.

It all started when five-year-old Carver told his grandmother, Sasha Tinning, that he wanted to do something to help the firefighters who were risking their lives to put out the fires in the family’s home state of Oregon. Sasha took her grandson to pick up some groceries and other necessary supplies to contribute to a local donation drive for the firefighters, and Carver saw something he knew the firefighters should have.

Image Source: Baby Yoda Fights Fires

Yep, Carver thought the firefighters could use a bit of company, so he gave them their very own Baby Yoda!

Carver sent the doll to the first responders along with a note:


Obviously, the firefighters instantly adopted the Child as one of their own. Touched by Carver’s gesture, they now take Baby Yoda with them on all their work outings so he can help them battle fires.

Image Source: Baby Yoda Fights Fires

Obviously, Baby Yoda is a bit too baby to actually fight the fires himself — he’ll need a bit more practice with the Force before he can manage such a feat.

Image Source: Baby Yoda Fights Fires

For now, he provides a big morale boost to the firefighters. Sure, he’s a little extra weight, but they don’t seem to mind! He’s since ventured out of his own home state on trips to Colorado.

Image Source: Baby Yoda Fights Fires

This tiny baby has a lot of adventures ahead of him still, and now, he has his own Facebook page where you can follow his journey alongside the brave people battling wildfires!

Image Source: Baby Yoda Fights Fires

May the Force be with all of our nation’s heroes as they put their lives on the line to keep us safe!


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