The pandemic of the past year has been hard on us all, but one thing that’s made it slightly more bearable is our pets. Cats, dogs, rodents, birds, large animals, and all domestic creatures great and small have helped bring smiles to people’s faces during an otherwise dark time, so it’s no wonder that an adorable golden retriever puppy caught the eye of a young boy one day last year.

Arthur’s owner received a hand-written letter from a fourth-grader named Troy last year with a sweet, simple, and polite request:

“Hello neighbors, my name is Troy, I’m in 4th grade and I’m just wondering if maybe after this virus you need a dog sitter and if so, I can take your dog on walks and more.”

The letter worked, and Arthur and Troy’s parents arranged a socially distant meetup for the two friends-to-be.

It didn’t take long at all for Troy’s letter to go viral, and Arthur soon accumulated thousands of followers on Instagram! More importantly, though, he and Troy did get their meetup, and it sounds like they’re best buddies.

This special friendship was such a bright spot during a dark time in the world… not only for Arthur and Troy, but for all their internet cheerleaders, too!


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