A photo of a little boy named Dominic posing with a four-legged friend has gone viral on Facebook after the boy’s mom, Stephanie Brown, shared it on social media.

Four-year-old Dominic was vacationing with his mom in Virginia when the little boy went to play outside while his mom was loading their things into the car. When Stephanie turned around, she saw her son standing there with a young fawn as though they were the best of friends!

Stephanie shared the photo of the two new buddies, and it’s since racked up over 46,000 shares. It’s easy to see why, too — look how cute these unlikely pals are!

The family lives in Massachusetts, so Dominic and the deer (who he named “Flash” before walking it back into the woods) probably won’t be seeing each other again. But there’s no doubt that this photo will be a special reminder for Dominic as he grows up!


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