Getting a job is always exciting and motivating, and for 21-year-old Kallayah Jones, getting hired was an even bigger deal than normal.

Kallayah has been struggling recently, having spent the past two years homeless and struggling to keep a job this year due to the pandemic. That changed, though, when she had an interview with Dakara Spence of The Spot in Decatur.

Right off the bat, it was clear that Kallayah and Dakara really clicked, and Kallayah walked out of the interview knowing that she nailed it. So once she thought she was out of view of the building she knew would become her new workplace, she took a moment do to a “happy dance” in the parking lot. What she didn’t know was that CCTV captured her dance, and the moment has since gone viral.

Dakara shared the uplifting video on her social media, and people instantly connected to the happy young woman who finally caught a break.

Kallayah has since been informed that she did get the job, and the local news interviewed both her and her new employer so they could learn more about the famous Happy Dance and the two special women connected to it.

Take a look at the heartwarming video below:

We hope everyone gets to experience this type of joy at some point in their lives!


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