Many people know the frustration of going shopping and discovering that the outfit that looked super cute on the mannequin looks, well, different on an actual human body. Society’s confusing beauty standards have women of all shapes and sizes feeling like they’re not good enough, and many women feel that they can’t pull off certain clothes because they aren’t built a certain way.

Now, two friends are changing that narrative with a comparison fashion series that’s meant to lift women’s confidence instead of tearing it down. Denise Mercedes, a size-14 model, has teamed up with her friend Maria Castellanos for a TikTok video series called “Style Not Size” to show people how an outfit can look absolutely gorgeous on wearers of various sizes. Check out some of their looks below:

The friends are working to change the narrative that people “shouldn’t” wear certain clothing styles because of their size.

Their cute videos often feature multiple outfit changes, showing how easy it is to mix and match pieces.

The clips are a fun way to explore style and body positivity.

The women have gained a lot of positive attention for both their powerful message and the fact they look so happy and confident in their videos.

Plus, of course, their outfits are always super cute.

Hopefully, this fun series shows people that they don’t have to change their preferred fashion choices just because of their size.

We can’t get enough of these awesome ladies!


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