Most dogs either like to swim or know to avoid water if they don’t like to swim, but 14-year-old Luna doesn’t have that luxury. Luna is blind and normally knows to stay away from her family’s pool, but recently, she’s been a bit disoriented.

A few days ago, Luna came in the house soaking wet, her owner, Julieta Firpa, told The Dodo. After reviewing the security footage, Julieta discovered what had happened, and she couldn’t believe her eyes: Luna had stumbled into the pool, and though she thankfully surfaced and began swimming, her condition meant that she couldn’t be sure which direction to go to get out.

Thankfully, though, Julieta’s younger dog, Caipirinha, was there to save the day. Caipirinha immediately rushed to the side of the pool to help, though she wasn’t sure how. She was too small to pull Luna out of the pool, though that didn’t stop her from trying. So instead, she kept her head close to Luna’s, helping to guide the elderly dog to safety through the senses of scent and touch.

It wasn’t easy for either dog, but eventually, with Caipirinha’s help, Luna made it to the steps and emerged safely from the pool, ending her terrifying ordeal.

There’s no telling what might have happened if Caipirinha hadn’t been there to help her big sister, but this family (especially Luna!) is grateful that they share a home with such a special pup!

You can watch the video below:


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