Working with sidewalk chalk is a beloved childhood memory for many of us, and one mother and daughter have decided not to leave this form of art in the past.

Jan Riggins and her daughter Olivia, who’s 13, have a special talent for using chalk to create incredible art on the ground. They even compete in street art competitions with their creations! But with everything canceled and everyone mostly confined to their homes, the duo has taken their art to their driveway and sidewalk, and the neighbors are loving it.

Many of their creations look like they might pop up and walk away!

(Or, you know, swim.)

The artists will draw anything from animals and bugs…

… to toys and games…

… to pop culture icons.

Unsurprisingly, the neighbors have welcomed the ever-changing sights on the ground.

The creations started with a pair of koi fish, then continued when the mother-daughter duo realized how much fun they could have with it.

Talent clearly runs in the blood of this Fort Worth family.

Their work has been inspirational for others in quarantine hoping to build their artistic skills.

We can’t wait to see what cool creations they’ll come up with next!

We love how these two have made the most out of the world’s tough situation.


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