“Bully breeds” make up a large portion of the population in many animal shelters, and because of their undeserved reputations, many stay stuck in shelters for far longer than their companions.

Such was the case for twelve-year-old Sandi: a pitbull/boxer mix who had spent a whopping six years at the Marion-Grant County Humane Society. Even though Sandi was described by the shelter’s board members and volunteers as a “sassy, treat-loving couch potato” to WBNS, she was still left at the shelter for half her life. But now, Sandi has finally found her forever home.

Sandi’s new home is described as being “perfect” for her. Her family has all the toys and treats necessary to welcome a playful, loving pup like her, and since she’ll be the only dog in the house, she’s sure to be spoiled rotten.

Image Source: WBNS

While Sandi’s departure is sure to be a bittersweet experience for the people at the shelter who love her, she’ll be getting a superstar send-off, complete with a red carpet. For a shelter that accepts that each animal they receive may end up staying there for the rest of their lives, stories like Sandi’s are proof that all their love and persistence is well worth it.

Good luck in your new home, Sandi!

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