Medical advancements have made life easier for humans with mobility difficulties, and veterinary medicine is doing the same for animals who have trouble getting around. However, many adaptive devices that our pets receive can be expensive, especially if your furry friend is still growing and will need multiple different-sized wheelchairs or prosthetics for the foreseeable future, you could be out a lot of money.

This was the case for the human family of a special puppy named Gracie. This tiny ball of fur was abandoned as a newborn, and when she was found, she was covered in maggots, causing her to be missing hair below her eyes and on her tail. Gracie also had no front legs due to a birth defect, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to roam around. Still, the puppy persevered and was eventually adopted by the Turley family, who also have one dog that’s paralyzed and one dog that has only three legs. They knew what they were in for, and they knew they’d need a special wheelchair for the tiny growing baby.

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The Turleys cleverly enlisted the help of a 12-year-old volunteer named Dylan who built a LEGO wheelchair for Gracie. The idea was brilliant — the LEGO blocks could be reorganized in virtually any way imaginable to adjust to Gracie’s growing body, meaning she could get around without being uncomfortable or needing a brand new device every month.

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Image Source: via Facebook

Gracie continued to grow up healthily, and thanks to her colorful wheelchair, she never missed a beat playing with her family. Her special gift grew with her, and soon, she was ready for a more permanent wheelchair.

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Gracie is now a grown-up and no longer needs a LEGO wheelchair, but she’s still as happy as ever. Dylan’s creativity and kindness gave her back her puppyhood and allowed her to run and play just like all the other pups!

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To see more of Gracie’s journey, check out the short video below. Be prepared, though — you may cry tears of joy for this sweet girl!


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