Many people would be too scared to go near a shark, even if it were trapped and needing to swim back out to sea, but 11-year-old Billie Gilbert isn’t one of them.

Billie, who lives in Hobart, Australia, found a draughtboard shark wedged between some rocks during low tide. The shark was small — certainly no great white or hammerhead — but still quite a handful for the young animal enthusiast. And yet, Billie had no issues scooping up the sea animal and carrying it to deeper waters, where it was able to swim back out to the ocean.

Billie’s mom Abby told Australian news outlet ABC Sydney that one of her daughter’s school teachers has helped nurture her love for wildlife. It clearly shows — Billie handled this shark with lots of care and gentleness, and now it’s back in the ocean where it can swim around as normal!

You can watch the video below:


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