Kids and dogs alike often love swimming in the pool. But both, when unsupervised, can run into serious trouble very quickly.

This is what happened when one Rottweiler slipped and fell into the family pool at night. While the dog may have been totally fine if he’d jumped into the pool intentionally, the poor pup panicked as he splashed around in the water, unable to find the steps that could help him safely exit. There’s no telling how long he would’ve been stuck in their swimming for his life if his young human brother hadn’t come along.

The eleven-year-old boy thankfully saw the commotion and ran outside, and without a second thought, he jumped right into the pool to help his dog. The feat would’ve been much easier to achieve if the dog was, say, a small terrier, but Rottweilers are significantly bigger. The young boy had to help the 154-lb dog scramble out of the pool while keeping himself safe as well.

Amazingly, the boy was able to help his big dog out all by himself, and though they emerged from the pool a big soaked and probably a little tired, both of them were safe and unharmed.

You can watch the video for yourself below:


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