The coronavirus has been known to hit the elderly community much harder than their younger counterparts, but don’t tell that to Jennie Stejna. The 103-year-old was diagnosed with COVID-19 in her nursing home with symptoms that included low-grade fever, according to USA Today. As her condition worsened, her family thought they’d finally be saying goodbye to their beloved Jennie, and even Jennie responded “Hell yeah” when her granddaughter’s husband asked if she was ready to go to heaven.

As it turned out, though, heaven wasn’t quite ready to have Jennie.

On May 13, Jennie’s family received the good news that she had recovered from the virus — the first to do so in her nursing home. There are still over 30 patients living in the home who have also tested positive. To celebrate, the nursing home staff gave her a beer: a special treat that she loves, but hasn’t enjoyed for quite a while.

Jennie Stejna is treated to a cold Bud Light to celebrate her recovery from coronavirus.
Image Source: Gunn family via USA Today/Wicked Local

Jennie has lived a long and fulfilling life, having been married to her husband Teddy since 1938 before he passed away in 1992. They were together for 54 years. She also has two children, three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren and is an avid baseball fan.


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