Age ain’t nothing but a number, especially for a 100-year-old man named Manuel and his new best friend, Bloom.

Manuel lives in Spain with his family, which includes his granddaughter, Maria Suarez. Shortly after Manuel’s 100th birthday, his family gave him a grand surprise by bringing home little Bloom — a tiny kitten who needed a family.

Little did they know, though, that Manuel and Bloom would end up becoming the best of friends.

Bloom and Manuel are perfect for each other, with the kitten keeping the grandfather active and attentive. Plus, Manuel is the perfect companion for little Bloom, giving her a beautiful friendship so early in life. These two have a special bond, and it’s seen perfectly in a video taken by Maria that she shared to TikTok.

You can watch a small piece of Bloom and Miguel’s special bond below. We could all hope to live so long and have such a special friendship like these two!


100 años VS 4 mesesitos 🥰// ig: @mariasuarxz #greenscreenvideo #parati #foryou #fypシ #hazmeviral

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